Why use us

WIZwireless provides internet services both terrestrial wireless over our own broadband network and Rural Zone over the 3G/4G RBI1 network. There are a mix of retail plans and mix of speeds or we do a custom service.

We also supply discounted internet to community not for profit groups.


WIZwireless never says “no” to any request for internet no matter how remote or “hard” to get to. We are in the business of providing remote rural residents connectivity to the same worldwide services as available in urban areas.

Our approach is to keep the language low tech. We want to link people to business, family and friends and give high demand users the ability to develop their own innovative projects.

WIZwireless personnel have extensive expertise in remote rural sites using solar power.

We are local, personal and accessible; new subscribers are delighted with our personal touch, and often when answering the phone, the caller is amazed they are talking to the CEO, not something they could easily do with other bigger internet providers.

The installer will check that the computer or smartphone connects correctly and other devices including connect the new subscriber’s TV, before leaving the premises. We also check the wireless signal throughout the house and suggest other options if signal is weak in some parts