Frequently Asked Questions
+Current SPAM email

If you have received this email it is NOT from WIZwireless. It is SPAM and the sender is after your details.

They are phishing for your details to see if your email is live or worse.  Unfortunately there is not a lot we are able to do
about it.  Assign it to the Junk mail where it belongs.

Thank you to the WIZwireless customer who sent it to us to check on its authentication.

+How do I know which data plan I should be on if I live in rural area?

We have a variety of data plans and here is a sample

Option 1 : Super Value Light Plan (75 GB)
Ideal entry plan for families who have been on dial-up or satellite services - Is this you?

Option 2 : Light Plan (500 GB)
Ideal for families who need a bit more data and do some surfing. Is this you?

Option 3 : Standard Plan (1000GB)
Our fantastic value plan for rural families and small businesses who want hassle free surfing- Is this you?

Option 4 : Advance Plan (experienced internet users) (Unlimited)
For our users who like to get the most out of their internet- Is this you?

We also have larger speed and/or data plans so make contact today and we can set you up

All our subscriptions get 1x fixed IP (static IP) and the cost for this is built into the monthly fee 

Click here to check out the internet options on the Consumer NZ and Broadband Compare internet tool

+How to check data usage or add data bundle


Check Data usage Login for WIZwireless wireless service
Login to check Rural Zone RBI data

WIZwireless request to change data plan

If you have received a message notifying you that you have used 80% of your monthly data plan and wish to upgrade your data plan, you can request this by phoning the office please or emailing us.

The new plan will be effective immediately.

If you exceed your monthly data allowance you will be billed $10 per lots of 10GB data bundle, at your usual speed for the rest of your billing month.

Schools, community groups and charitable organisations can get special data deals up to half the standard business monthly plans. These groups can also order extra data in 50 GB data bundles for just $11.50 per data bundle.

So make contact TODAY and have no more data worries!

Special Data Deals:

10 GB for $8
25 GB for $15
50 GB for $20
100 GB for $25
250 GB for $50
500 GB for $80
1TB for $100 - deal for working from home or for Netflix customers
If you need more data then please request this as a custom data bundle

How much data does an hour of Netflix use?

Watching movies or TV shows on Netflix uses about 1 GB of data per hour for each stream of standard definition video, and up to 3 GB per hour for each stream of HD video. This can create headaches for Netflix members who have a low monthly bandwidth or data cap on their Internet service so ring to organise a better plan if it's an issue for you.

+Do I need to change my email address?

No you can continue to use your current provider.

+Check your email


Login to wizbiz.net.nz webmail 
(NB Please remember only your user name is needed for a username@wizbiz.net.nz email address not the complete email address)
Login to wizbiz.co.nz or your own domain name webmail
(NB Please remember to add in your complete email address as login e.g. username@wizbiz.co.nz) 

Set up Email settings

WIZwireless Mail Servers  
POP3 (incoming) 4x4.wizbiz.net.nz
SMTP (outgoing) 4x4.wizbiz.net.nz
Account Name Syntax username and password (not full email address)
or name@yourdomain.co.nz (needs full email address)
Other Mail Settings  
POP3 (incoming) mail.yourdomain.co.nz
SMTP (outgoing) mail.yourdomain.co.nz


Email settings from web host website info

SMTP settings on mobile devices for reading and sending emails outside of our network

For wizbiz.net.nz emails change Port 25 to 587 and force the authentication. Also need to add username and password in both incoming and outgoing cells

For wizbiz.co.nz emails change the port 25 to 587 but no tick in authentication.

With domain names change port 25 to 465 and add full email in both incoming and outgoing cells


Other Server Info  
Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS


Extra Explanation on SMTP:

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) is an Internet standard for electronic mail (e-mail) transmission. First defined by RFC 821 in 1982, it was last updated in 2008 with the Extended SMTP additions by RFC 5321 - which is the protocol in widespread use today.

SMTP by default uses TCP port 25. The protocol for mail submission is the same, but using port 587, and SMTP connections secured by SSL, known as SMTPS, default to port 465.

While electronic mail servers and other mail transfer agents use SMTP to send and receive mail messages, user-level client mail applications typically use SMTP only for sending messages to a mail server for relaying. For receiving messages, client applications usually use either the POP3 or the IMAP.

While proprietary systems (such as Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes/Domino) and webmail systems (such as Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo! Mail) use their own non-standard protocols to access mail box accounts on their own mail servers, all use SMTP when sending or receiving email from outside their own systems.

Extract taken from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/S...

+Check your speed and other useful links

WIZwireless local website

Check speed test using speedtest or speednet direct or Fast.com

All sites offer up to 50+ Mbps download speed.
Need more speed then contact the office to discuss your options. 

What is my IP
Support including how to connect a smartphone to a wireless network other FAQs

+Change data plan or terminate subscription as moving address

Change to Data Plan or Termination of Subscription

If you wish to change your data plan then this will be activated as soon as possible and usually part of the current billing period. 

If you wish to terminate your subscription with WIZwireless there will be a fee if it's within your contract ie 1 month or 12 months depending on contract. If you are outside of any contract period then the fee is equivalent of 1 month's subscription so it is best to ring awhile before you plan to move so we can prepare the admin for the uninstall. An installer will visit to uninstall the radio equipment if required.

+Can I use mobile or landline on WIZwireless internet service

If you have a Vodafone mobile subscription and purchase a Sure Signal hardware from Vodafone Masterton then you can use your mobile on our network. No extra monthly charges.

We can transfer your land line to VoIP service with our partner 2Talk. Please get us to port your phone number before you cancel your current service or else you may lose your current phone number. Port fee currently $23 and monthly fees plans start at $11.50/month. This can be done after you have connected to our WIZwireless internet service.

Selected mobile models work on 2 Degrees network via our network so check with them if your mobile can do WiFi calling

+What does Line of Sight (LOS) mean?

All our network is wireless infrastructure which means it needs to be able to “see” where the wireless signal is coming from. It doesn’t like trees in the way nor large brick or corrugated iron buildings. If you are at all concerned about your LOS to one of our many radio masts, we recommend that you have a Line of Sight visit and the technician will check the LOS to a radio mast and give a recommendation e.g. we can install your radio equipment here just 100m from the house with a cable run. We have various broadband install options up to 800m

+Why do you recommend a power saving device you call a UPS ?

From experience we have found that the radio equipment is quite sensitive to power cuts and power fluctuations but you can try an installation initially without one but you will need to add an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) if any technical support is due to power cuts. 

This is especially important if you use a VoIP service because if you lose power you will also lose your phone service unless you have independent mobile coverage.

Ring the office to discuss various hardware options which can be purchased from any computer supplier shop. Below are two units we use ourselves. 

Dynamix Defender 1200VA (720W) Line Interactive UPS
Dynamix Defender 1600VA (960W) Line Interactive UPS

Please only connect the radio antenna & router to the UPS. This will give you up to 6 hours depending on devices attached and number of previous outages. NB: The effectiveness of the UPS will degrade over time. Please only connect the radio antenna & router to the UPS. This will give you up to 8 hours depending on devices attached and number of previous outages. NB: The effectiveness of the UPS will degrade over time.

+How do I set up my wireless connection on my Android smartphone or Apple device?
  1. From your home screen, tap the Apps located at the upper-right of your tablet screen.
  2. Tap on the Settings icon. ...
  3. Tap on the Wireless and networks section, tap on Wi-Fi settings.
  4. Tap on Wi-Fi: Turn on Wi-Fi.
  5. Locate your wireless network name (SSID) which will start with wizwireless (the wireless network name is located on the back of the router next to SSID. Tap on your wireless network's SSID
  6. If your wireless router requires a key or password, a prompt should appear. The password will also be on the back of the router underneath the SSID name. Type in the key/password. NOTE: Some keys/passwords are case-sensitive, make sure you use uppercase and lowercase letters appropriately.
  7. If you are successful, it should show the word Connected underneath your wireless router's SSID on the list. You should also see a status indicator icon on the bottom task bar, next to your clock.

Connect to Wi-Fi on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

 Suggested help site for iphone etc

+Difference between 4G and fixed wireless as supplied by WIZwireless network

Difference between 4G and fixed wireless is hard to quantify in a sentence so I have tried to summarise it.

4G (Fourth generation Mobile Communications) Wireless World Research Forum defines 4G as: A network that operates on Internet technology, combines it with other applications and technologies such as Wi-Fi, 4G mobile internet works by connecting to a mobile network with a SIM card. It's the internet you connect to when you're out and about with your smartphone

Fixed broadband doesn’t utilize a cellular network like your mobile phone does. The service requires line of sight access between the subscriber and a radio repeater. Obstructions from hills or trees prohibit it being installed in some locations. It is internet between two fixed locations via a radio and a receiver. Fixed wireless relies on small stations to transfer data at high speeds, but localized. Because the stations are clustered close together, the technology is capable of delivering faster internet speeds than 4G with lower latency.

A table from the internet https://www.highspeedinternet.com/resources/fixed-wireless-vs-mobile-broadband-internet

Fixed Wireless Mobile Broadband
Specific location/range Portable
Dedicated connection Shared capacity
Low latency Higher latency
Line of sight base stations Cell phone towers