Any domain names being hosted by WIZwireless can also be accessed through this link. Please add your complete email address in the login cell.


Login to wizbiz.net.nz webmail 
(NB Please remember only your user name is needed for a username@wizbiz.net.nz email address not the complete email address). NB: reminder wizbiz email service is being terminated shortly so can you please make contact to have a forward on your current email address setup. From 16 September you will no longer be able to send emails through our service but you can continue to receive emails as normal.

Login to wizbiz.co.nz or your own domain name webmail
(NB Please remember to add in your complete email address as login e.g. username@wizbiz.co.nz) 

Set up Email settings


Check Data usage
Login to check WIZwireless data - if it doesn't automatically go to Netstats page then please use your login and password as supplied
Login to check Rural Zone RBI data - only for those customers who are on the RBI1 service over the mobile network.

Data Monthly Overage

If you think you will go over your monthly limit please make contact to request a data bundle or upgrade to the new plan. If you exceed your monthly data allowance you will be billed $10 per lots of 10GB data bundle, at your usual speed for the rest of your billing month. Data bundle options:

Special Data Deals:

10GB for $8
25GB for $15
50GB for $20
100GB for $25 
250GB for $50
500GB for $80
1TB for $100
If you need more data then please request this as a custom data bundle

WIZwireless local web site

Check speed test using speedtest or speednet direct or Fast.com

What is my IP

Support including how to connect a smartphone to a wireless network other FAQs


WIZwireless updated Terms and Conditions for internet services

When you sign a request for internet, you need to read and agree to our service terms and conditions, thank you

Change to Data Plan or Termination of Subscription

If you wish to change your data plan when this will be activated during the current billing period if possible. If you wish to terminate your subscription with WIZwireless there will be a fee if it's within your contract ie 1 month or 12 months depending on contract. If you are outside of any contract period then the fee is equivalent of 1 month's subscription so it is best to ring a while before you plan to move so we can prepare the admin for the uninstall. An installer will visit to uninstall the radio equipment if required.
Click here to check out the internet options on the Consumer NZ and Broadband Compare internet tool