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WIZwireless Customer Case Study Profiles

Clive Thompson - Parkvale Mushrooms

Rebecca Tosswill - Farmers Daughter Design Studio

Clive Thompson has been growing mushrooms at Parkvale since the 6th September 1966. When he started Parkvale Mushrooms it was just him but now he now has 42 staff working from their factory and compost shed not far from Carterton. Parkvale are renowned for their delicious ‘Gourmet Brown’ mushrooms which they have established in the New Zealand market in the past four years.

Parkvale Mushrooms use the internet for a variety of purposes such as taking email and website orders, receiving sales dockets from the markets and doing banking.

“We used to have Telecom broadband but WIZwireless is a lot faster. We’ve had it for about eight years now, it was easily set up and it has never given us any grief,” Clive says.

“One of the best things is being able to connect the factory to the house which is about a kilometre away and also to the compost shed which is in between. The fast wireless LAN [local area network] has many benefits for us.

“For instance, even though we have our server in a fireproof safe here at the factory our insurance advisor felt that we needed an offsite backup of our business data as well. We can now simply and easily back-up the data to our house down the road using the wireless network.”

“It is also quicker and easier to monitor and track the conditions down at the compost shed.”

“WIZ is a great service and they are great to work with. We couldn’t be happier.”

Visit Beck's website at Clive's website - http://parkvale.co.nz/



Other Profiles.....


John Whitby

John Whitby

John’s enthusiasm is palpable: “One night recently I was viewing the Tarantula nebula, it was a really clear night, the image and the internet speed was so good that people thought it looked 3-D. It was incredible. Man, it was magic!”

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George and Sarah Tatham

George and Sarah Tatham

“We barely had dial-up” Sarah says jokingly “we could be doing the banking and the speed would slow down to nothing and we’d have to start again.” ...

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Neville and Jenny Rosengren

Neville and Jenny Rosengren


“The real estate agent said there was a local broadband business who might be able to help so we rang WIZwireless”....

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Jan Fergusson
Stu Fergusson

Stu and Jan Fergusson

“We have a heavy emphasis on research, both for product development and for sussing out the market, and we need a good internet service. We simply weren’t able to do all the research and development work that we’re doing now before we had WIZwireless.”

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Clive Thompson

Clive Thompson

“We used to have Telecom broadband but WIZwireless is a lot faster. We’ve had it for about two years now, it was easily set up and it has never given us any grief,” Clive says.

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Becks Tosswill

Becks Tosswill


Becks explains.
“If I didn’t have the fast internet here I simply couldn’t run my design business. The internet is important for doing research and for sending files to clients and suppliers.

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