WIZwireless  New Zealand Rural Broadband

Wairarapa Broadband is WIZwireless country

Anyone who lives in Wairarapa can enjoy "virtual fibre" broadband with Wairarapa's local ISP.
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WIZwireless specialises in getting broadband to those hard to reach rural places.

We have plans to suit everyone: Urban households, Rural, Domestic and Business, so don't put up with slow Internet any longer.

WIZwireless is now reselling UFB and RBI connections in Wairarapa within the coverage area. Inquiry today or sign up online.

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Waiting for RBI - don't wait get WIZwireless internet today.

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Becks Tosswill Becks Tosswill - Farmers Daughter Design Studio
Clive Thompson Clive Thompson - Parkvale Mushrooms
Neville and Jenny Rosengren Neville and Jenny Rosengren - Geologist from Bendigo

Becks - Read her story

Clive - Read his story

Neville and Jenny - Read their story

Customer feedback:
"the speed feels like sticking my head out the car window at 150km/hr"
Past "Farmside" satellite user commented about coming onto the WIZwireless broadband network.

Unfortunately due to changes Sky Network have implemented iSky can no longer be data free for full speed data plan subscribers because their new provider (Akamai) won't supply the IP addresses it will be using. WIZwireless is still trying to work with Sky to reinstate this service.

* As we upgrade each access point on the WIZwireless radio network the customers plans will automatically increase depending on your monthly spend

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Neville and Jenny Rosengren - Geologist from Bendigo Clive Thompson - Parkvale Mushrooms Becks Tosswill - Farmers Daughter Design Studio