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Wairarapa Broadband is WIZwireless country: WIZwireless Ultra Rural Zone Plans

WIZwireless rural zone plans are based on Wairarapa 4G RBI coverage areas and are all on the Enhanced RBI speeds. Rural Zone uses long range cellular towers whereas WIZwireless uses terrestrial wireless technology. Ring the office 06 370 9210 to check coverage.

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If you don't have flash player installed please ring the office directly and our sales team can take your order. 06 370 9210 thank you

Broadband Installation

RBI Plan
(All 24 month contracts)

Monthly Data Cap


Monthly Data Plan for all new subscribers (incl GST)*

Rural Zone 120
(4G Network)

120 GB (use anytime)

up to 80 Mbps on 4G Network

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Rural Zone 200
(4G Network)

200 GB (use anytime)

up to 80 Mbps on 4G Network

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Rural Zone 500
(3G Network)

500 GB
(includes 250GB Off Peak)

up to 20 Mbps on 3G Network

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* Install Fee $399 + travel fee.

Standard kit may include:

  1. Wi-Fi router
  2. Outdoor antenna
  3. Wiring that is less than 10m apart, with the jack point on the closest external wall installed on a single story dwelling

You should order "Premium Installation" service for

  • Additional cabling and/or more complex jack point location eg cabling needs to be installed behind interior walls
  • Multi-story dwelling
  • Home is built from concrete, steel or glass
  • House or roof is difficult to access, or has a pitch of more than 15 degrees
  • Additional parts or labour for the job

The installer will discuss the increased costs directly with you, and we will invoice you for the difference in costs between standard and your premium installation.


  • RBI is not available in urban areas, selected zones may not be capable of the service
  • Speeds may vary due to location, network usage, capability. RBI is a "what is available best effort" service.
  • 4G service is available on our new 4G ready routers and service band available. Service is available on 700/1800/2600mhz 4G services where available. 4G LTE is capable of up to 80Mbps, expected performance is between 20-50Mbps however RBI is rated to an expected 5Mbps downstream, there are no guarantees on speeds delivered, these are best effort only.
  • Data overage invoiced after 13th of each month. Data overage $3/GB for RZ130 on 4G network and $2/GB for RZ500 on 3G network

Important things to know

50GB Off Peak data is from Midnight to 6am for those subscribers on the "old" plans until 31 Jan 2019. For new subscribers you can also have this plan for an extra $10/month

You need to keep a landline phone connection if you use (or intend to use):

  • Fax
  • A monitored building alarm through a phone line
  • A medic alarm link through a phone line
  • The SKY remote to download SKY "pay per view" movies or games, or SKY betting. It is possible to order SKY "pay per view" movies or games by calling SKY TV 3 way calling or audio conference features   

All plans are 12 months. Early termination fee $150. Self install own your own gear one month notice please. Premium install options POA.

*Please note that there will also be travel km contribution based on mileage from office to site and back again. Mileage is $1.38/km outside Masterton town boundary.

RBI Options
(24 month contract)



Full Install
excluding travel

Self install (Includes 3G/4G router pre configured and antenna kit - can be couried to you)

RBI router ONLY (3G/4G router pre configured - can be couried to you)





RBI Options
(1 month contract)

Purchase your own radio equipment


RBI router - 3G/4G router pre configured - can be couried to you

RBI Antenna Kit

RBI Twin Antenna Kit

Install (excluding travel)


from $159

from $279

from $275

Click here for Rural Zone pdf

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