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Change Monthly Data Plan

WIZwireless request to change data plan

If you have received a message notifying you that you have used 80% of your monthly data plan and wish to upgrade your data plan, you can request this by phoning the office please or emailing us.

The new plan will be effective in the next billing cycle.

If you exceed your monthly data allowance you will be billed $15 per lots of 5GB data bundle, at your usual speed for the rest of your billing month.

Schools, community groups and charitable organisations can get special data deals up to half the standard business monthly plans. These groups can also order extra data in 10GB data bundles for just $11.50 per data bundle.

So make contact TODAY and have no more data worries!

Special Data Deals:

10GB for $11.50 (equivalent $1/GB + GST)
25GB for $25 (equivalent $1/GB)
50GB for $36 (equivalent $0.72/GB)

or Ideal for Netflix customers

100GB for additional $50 per month (equivalent $0.50/GB)



Special Promo Deal

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