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WIZwireless Support

Network speed test Link

Network status Link

Connecting an iPhone to wireless network YouTube clip

Connecting a smartphone to your Wi-Fi home network (general instructions)

WIZwireless DNS

WIZwireless Email Settings

To send mail on our network the SMTP server for all WIZwireless users is 4x4.wizbiz.net.nz
If you have a wizbiz.net.nz email account the pop and smtp should both be set to 4x4.wizbiz.net.nz

Changing the SMTP (send email server) for clients with existing email joining the WIZwireless network
Outlook Express Video tutorial (watch in full screen mode for best view)
this is so you can still get your current emails but send from our network.

Guide to setting up wizbiz.net.nz email on your PC

Mail logins

Login to wizbiz.net.nz webmail
(NB Please remember only your user name is needed for a username@wizbiz.net.nz email address not the complete email address)

Login to wizbiz.co.nz webmail
(NB Please remember to add in your complete email address as login e.g. username@wizbiz.co.nz)

Data related

Check Data usage

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