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Rest of Wairarapa subscribers (both Rural and non Masterton centres ) try these plans

Masterton Data Plans PDF (To sign up Now use this printable version and fax it back to us)

UFB may also be an option for you. Inquire here for UFB data plans.

Our Wireless Urban Broadband is available to any Masterton household that has a clear view of the Mastermall building CBD Masterton.
No phone line required Ė No line charges.

Install Cost JUST $99 for Family and Multimedia Plans otherwise 179.00***.
Installation includes wireless configuration, mounting equipment, checking your connection is up and running. Subscription includes a WIZwireless wireless gateway. Each new subscription will get a FREE VoIP number with 2Talk. VoIP adapter is an additional cost ($125) and can be ordered directly through 2Talk or request it by contacting WIZwireless.

Urban Plans

Design Speed**

Monthly Data Cap

Monthly Subscription *

Great for those who are new to the internet


80 GB

$50.00 Sign up Now

Ideal plan for families


200 GB

$70.00 Sign up Now

Ideal plan for high multimedia users


500 GB

$90.00 Sign up Now

*Our wireless network coverage is strictly "Line Of Sight" (LOS) and the proposed site needs to see Mastermall building in Masterton.

All subscriptions are for a minimum period of twelve (12) months. Early disconnection fee of $276 will apply within this period. All radio equipment including the wireless router will remain the property of WIZwireless and we will replace the gear if a fault occurs with the unit or its a network issue, but if it's been damaged on the customer site this will be the customers cost and there will be a tech callout fee to access the fault. 1 month's fees will be charged when a disconnection is requested which covers the de-install of the radio equipment and return to WIZwireless. If you decide to keep the router this will be added to your final account - value $86.25

** Speeds will vary depending on network traffic and network backhaul requirements at particular times of the day. All connections mentioned as up to speeds. We do have a Fair Use Policy so everyone can enjoy good internet. Data plans are unlimited but if we feel this is being abused by large hourly traffic then we will slow it down and make contact and there maybe an excessive data usage fee.

Starter Plan is not recommended for VoIP service.

***Fee is based on a simple installation, this is where you have line of sight to Masterton Master Mall, or Bennetts Hill Te Ore Ore Masterton from your house or the building that needs internet.

What happens if you go over your monthly data plan?
There will be a charge for data over usage - $17.25/ 5GB - ie is equivalent to $3/GB excl GST - (NB data is rounded up to the next 5GB bundle as soon as you go over your chosen data plan)

Need Superior speed and NO data caps
Choose one of WIZwireless Corporate Plans - Uncontended upload and download speeds from 3Mb and up, which enables secure high-speed communication between multiple locations. Corporate Plan Options

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