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Wairarapa Broadband is WIZwireless country:
WIZwireless Self Install
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Our current network covers areas in the Wairarapa and parts of the Tararua Districts only.
For other areas please use the design page for details on how we can help with a projects in your area.

WIZwireless is now offering customers a self-install option with their own gear or our pre-configured gear.

Please ring with your physical address for a free basic coverage check

Please fill in your requirements and send us an email or fax to the office.

Self-install gear can be returned for a refund within the first fortnight if the self-install isn’t able to be completed successfully. The gear needs to please be still in its original box and being in resalable condition less $25 non-refundable test fee.

Self Install: Includes preconfigured radio, POE power supply and 10m of outdoor rated cable (pre-terminated if required) Value $199 including GST

BYO: Supply your own radio – please contact the office for supported radios. Normally Ubiquiti Nanobridge, Nanobeam or Rocket. Supply static IP address and configuration file for your radio Value $25

Broadband Monthly Plans

All sign ups please add first month of data as per the special deal on offer. 50GB bonus data. If install is unsuccessful then this will be refunded less data used.

WiFi Plan (include router) (All 1 month contracts)

Design Speed

Monthly Data Cap

Self Install Gear Fee for Standard install see install pdf for further upgrades*

Light Plan
(Idea for families who have been on dial-up or satellite services)

6 Mbps/6 Mbps* 100 + 50GB $99
Sign up PDF

Enjoy FREEdom (Standard Plan)
(Speedy enough for remote working and some TV on Demand)

8 Mbps/8 Mbps*

200+50 GB

Sign up PDF

Advance (Ultra Plan)
(Our fantastic value plan for rural families and small businesses who want hassle free surfing)

10 Mbps/10 Mbps**

300+50 GB

Sign up PDF
Pro (Ultra Plan)
(For our users who like to get the most out of their internet)
up to 25 Mbps ** 400+50 GB $230
Sign up PDF

Wairarapa subscribers Self Install Plans (To sign up now, please use this printable version and fax it back to us) for Masterton Urban click here

If you live on one of the many rural properties in our Region and don't have internet or a phone landline or need faster broadband than you currently have, we may be able to deliver broadband internet to you using our wireless technology.
WIZwireless delivers broadband through the air, rather than through your phone line so you do need to "see" one of our many radio masts along the Eastern Hills or click here to get a guide of our coverage area.

If there is no wireless coverage you may be able to sign up to WIZwireless Rural Zone over the RBI instead in mobile phone coverage area. So ring today to enquire.

*Please note that there will also be travel time and/or travel km contribution based on mileage from office to site and back again if you need support on site. Mileage is $1/km and travel one way $63.25/hr.

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